That statement made me a bit sad. It’s horrible that Johnny needs defending like that. Also it didn’t seem that effusive… like she was saying it because she had to and more that it was because of the statement than because she believes he’s innocent and is a good person. Also I don’t think it’s right to say they considered recasting…

I absolutely think it’s right to say they considered recasting. I believe they’ve made the correct decisions every single step of the way.

They heard really awful abuse allegations that, if true, should have seen him fired immediately. They clearly had those discussions.

I can only assume it was at that point that Johnny & team probably reached out to studio, director and writer, to give them whatever this ‘information’ is they keep talking about. Based on that, it sounds, they made the decision to keep him. They didn’t rush to judgement, they didn’t cow to the masses. They waited.

And of COURSE this statement is because she had to! Who would voluntarily throw themselves into this snake pit when they have pretty much EVERYTHING to lose and nothing to gain? Warner Brothers clearly requested she address it, based on their statement right after.

I think it’s a great statement. It acknowledges the pain of the fandom, whether warranted or not, it’s real pain, but then hints ‘i know more about this shit and support him.’

Think about it this way if you don’t like it – yes, it was ‘forced,’ but she EASILY could’ve just said ‘i support jd in this role bye’

but she said ‘not only do i support him, i’m HAPPY he’s in the role.’