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Olivia Cooke France on Twitter:

Johnny Depp to star in Kate/Richard says goodbye sequel, making it a trilogy

‘The next set of photos shows the conversation between Johnny…

‘The next set of photos shows the conversation between Johnny Depp, his bodyguard, personal assistant and I. The focus wasn’t just on JD alone, it was a complete group effort. Right from the start, I put it out there that I was a “deer in the headlight” then raised my hands and showed they were shaking. The genuinely conscientious man that JD is, immediately said, “Oh good, so am I”, and raised his hands shaking. I laughed, feeling far more at ease and thanked him for that, as he gave me a hug. We conversed about a few things ranging from ‘cross dressing’ (lol) to BC Children’s Hospital (which we both did) and fundraising. When the questions arouse about what I did, I had 4 hard copy photos at hand, (reason: I didn’t want to rely on my cell, wasting time searching for reference shots). One of the photos was of me as Tonto, hoping I could use this as an icebreaker. I told JD this was a challenging costume to battle, for he was shirtless, “Yes I was”, he said. (Can’t believe what I did next) but I then grabbed my chest and said, “going topless was a bit of an issue for me for these two tend to get in the way you know”. He broke out laughing and said, “I’m sure they do”, which led us to talk about his role in Ed Wood. As things flowed, I completely forgot I was talking to a very famous celebrity. He was so natural, so himself. If you’re wondering if I was in character at any time? No. I wasn’t there to convince JD what I could or could not do…. I relished the one on one time with someone who has inspired me in so many ways besides his characters. In fact, I forgot I was in costume all together, to be honest. 😀 (More photos to come).’

Johnny Depp impersonator Denise Pearson (x)

becauseitisjohnnydepp:Pantamosleh Me: What pose should we do??…


Me: What pose should we do?? Hmm… the duck face peace sign ???
JD: I’ll let the pro do that one lol
That’s a wrap on this amazing film!! I got to work with some of the most amazing people in my career ever!! Ehat an AMAZING ensemble of cast and crew!! AND I got to see one of my hero’s in action!! BOOM SHAKALAKA!!

becauseitisjohnnydepp: August 25th was the last day of shooting…


August 25th was the last day of shooting “Richard Says Goodbye” for Johnny! So heres a little throwback to the amazing month it has been. so excited for the new movie!! Thank you Johnny for everything!! xox [credits pics to rightful owners]