I love you so much… I mean I feel so amazing when I see that you’ve answered some new questions. And I always read your tags. Just a pure great love! X


Do you have a video or interview of Johnny talking about a Glaswegian accent and why he was inspired to use it for the mad hatter?

Honestly I cannot think of any right now :/ if anyone else can feel free to send a link! I can only think of him talking about the mood swings & mercury poisoning etc, but not specifically about why he goes Scottish when he’s pissed LOL

That clip with Michelle and Johnny was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my entire life I swear! I mean I thought I was not really attracted to men but here we are… He’s just perfect. Like seriously — how is he even like that? I’m genuinly confused.


Sidenote I’ve been DYING to see them in a film again and that scene literally fulfilled my hopes and dreams

I just watched Dark Shadows for the first time. I have no clue how the film eluded me for so long but OMG I haven’t laughed that hard in ages! The film is way underrated!



A related question: do you think Gellert looks terrible because of dark magic (like Voldemort)? Or is it just Johnny’s approach to the character?

Interesting way to think about it dude! Honestly, there’s nothing in the books that would suggest Gellert did anything along the lines of what Voldemort did, which physically changed himself. But, Jo Rowling & Johnny easily could have already come up with some kind of more involved backstory that would explain certain aspects of his physical look. In any case, it’s Johnny’s approach to the character, but I’m positive his respect for JKR would mean she signed off on all of it.

What do you think the meaning behind the music video is and why is it so disturbing?

Multiple questions about the video meaning… i truly have no idea! I honestly thought they were playing god and the devil but apparently they were playing Cain and Abel? Which I mean I can also see, but I truly don’t know what they’re going for in it lol probably because I’ve only seen it a couple times and just haven’t been able to get past the… vivid imagery LOL