Is seems for me that we’ll get a lot of promo material during the next few years or so! I hope Johnny won’t get tired of all that business.

I’m sure he’ll be okay! And i for one can’t WAIT for promo stuff!!! and tour!!!!

Do you know about the video of AH on Pornhub where she rolls around in bed talking all sweetly about how she wants him to be with her? From when is that video and was she with Johnny then or is it from her time with Elon, I’m wondering..

It’s from when she was with Johnny. It’s from the massive 2014 hack.

from what I remember reading Johnny and Vanessa broke up because he wanted to get married and she didn’t.

LOL well that’s a new one i actually hadn’t heard before!

it’s not true. tabloids making stuff up because J&V had the audacity to not make explanations or drag anyone down in public so they had to make up their own reasons

becauseitisjohnnydepp: We will die a littlerThe rogues…


We will die a littler
The rogues whistling
Nine blue-eyed sailors
Tip their caps to him
As he passes through them
More vagabond than king
With diamonds on his sleeves
Like a harlequin