Lady Gaga, Decapitation, Hair Bands & Jesus: A Brief Chat With Alice Cooper

Lady Gaga, Decapitation, Hair Bands & Jesus: A Brief Chat With Alice Cooper:

The great thing about Johnny Depp and Joe Perry is, Joe Perry actually takes guitar lessons from Johnny Depp sometimes.

Please explain this, because that is crazy to me.

Well, Johnny was a guitar player way before he was an actor. We all kinda knew that. I didn’t know how good he was until he came up and played with us two or three times. When we put the Hollywood Vampires together, one night Joe got sick and couldn’t play, and Johnny played all the leads. Everybody in the audience was in shock, because Johnny’s a great guitar player. He’s not an actor trying to be a rock star; he’s a rock star that accidentally became an actor.

There was a movie that he did called Chocolat where he played a gypsy jazz guitar player, and he plays all the Django Reinhardt stuff, and that’s the stuff Joe was sitting there listening to going, “What is that?” [Johnny] goes, “Let me show you how to play this stuff.” I’m watching Joe trying to pick up the chording on the stuff and I’m going, “That’s great! These two guitar players are teaching each other stuff!”

Did you call Johnny to discuss Jesus Christ Superstar or get any pointers? I feel like he’d offer solid advice for that, too.

No; I don’t even know if he saw it or not. But you know, Johnny kind of knows me as an actor anyways. He says, “What you do onstage is just like being on Broadway.” I do film acting. When I did [Dark Shadows] with him, I just did what I do onstage, and he said, “That’s exactly what I do on film, except I just pick up different characters and figure out how to play them … Everything you do as Alice is every bit what I do.” It’s not that far apart, really. I told him, “Johnny, who you are is the modern-day Lon Chaney; you’re the man of a thousand faces.”

“Surround yourself with love and amazing people! Blessed…

Surround yourself with love and amazing people! Blessed ??

Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Johnny Depp ♥