does lily rose actually hate her dad? because she’s getting really annoying with that omg my mommy is like the only parent i have attitude

Guysssss of course she doesn’t hate her dad!!!

You need to look at it this way: What has happened to her the handful of times she’s posted anything about Johnny? She was RIPPED apart. People on social media are vicious – can you HONESTLY blame her for not wanting to willingly invite that on her page?

Please don’t jump to really nasty conclusions based on these things. She gets bullied every time she posts a picture of her dad why would anyone want that???

My English teacher used to be a lawyer ( a very good one as well) and she said to me that she feels pity for Johnny because he’s going through so many lawsuits and it’s obvious to her that the people he’s against are just piles of crap lol

Awe! Bless your English teacher, she sounds great 🙂

Law school fan (which in no way makes me an expert) here – it’s not surprising that Johnny is suing Bloom, he was named in the suit against his management company so this is expected. Proving malpractice isn’t easy, & I haven’t been keeping up with the account management case, but a lot of this case is dependent on what is determined there. In terms of settling because the firms image, they’re like a top 3 firm for entertainment law, they’ll take this to court to prove they have nothing to hide.

That IS what I was thinking too – if they settle it’ll show guilt for sure and NO one will hire them. Which is why I’m afraid that if he does have something to hide he’ll come out swinging publicly to try and discredit him like the Mandels are doing. 

Wait is there a new lawsuit? Did I miss something? Jesus Christ if yes, he’s like Harry Potter, you leave him alone for a sec and Voldemort tries to get him

He’s now suing his long time entertainment lawyer Jake Bloom for $30M, I believe.

Actually I disagree with you over the bloom situation and I hope am right. If bloom is from a big firm in Hollywood he can’t be throwing dirt like TMG have done. Otherwise celebs will not be hiring his firm for shit. They will likely settle cos the lawsuit will not be good for their reputation. As a law firm subject to regulations and codes of practice they have a duty to comport themselves better so hopefully this will not be as dirty as TMG who have pretty much ruined their business.

I really, really hope you’re right! I hope Bloom is smarter than the Mandels.