Been wondering about the pics w/ Josh Homme. Hes married to Brody Dalle who is good friends with that Amanda woman who the succubus was palling around with. Idk if Homme would hang w/ a man his wife thought was abusive (if brody thinks this, idk either). Or if even Homme would. He kicked the bassist out of his band for an alleged assault. This was back in the early 2000s. And I think Brody was in an abusive relationship before him. Just made me think even more ppl dont believe her

Honest to god, that says more about Amanda than it says about JD, Homme, or Brody. It just shows this woman is THE biggest fake possible, palling around with literally whoever will have her, with no morals or conviction at all. Something I think we all knew, but this is further proof tbh

Have you any videos interviews of J talking about being in drag ?

Honestly I haven’t seen many video interviews of him talking about it, but here’s one:

But here’s some print excerpts:

US Weekly
Ed Wood liked to wear women’s clothes. Did that require lots of research? No, not really. I just thought I’d get comfortable with the feeling of being in women’s … articles. I’d go out with a tight bra on under my shirt and jacket. Around the house I wore slips and pumps and then tested the waters with garter belts and stockings. I got braver every day.
So what surprised you about the experience? The shocking thing was how much goes into the process—the stockings, the garters, then doing those things up and then girdles, brassieres, straps! … It made me have more respect for you guys—for women—when you get dolled up. And I have a profound respect for transvestites, who get all dolled up and then have things to hide. It’s painful …
Perhaps you kept an angora sweater from the film? I kept an angora sweater and my pumps.

Elle Magazine:
Depp plays Wood, and admits that he loved the ritual of dressing up in women’s clothes. The role needed a lot of preparation, and Depp started wearing exotic underwear all the time. When he was staying at the Ritz in Paris, a room service waiter was surprised to find him answering the door in a slip and high heels. “I totally forgot what I was wearing, until I saw the shocked look on his face.
“It’s interesting—as a man I’m not a big guy, but as a woman I’m enormous. I’m an enormous woman.”

Speaking of fright flicks, now that you’ve played Ed Wood, the Plan 9 From Outer Space director who was into angora sweaters and high heels, share some things you learned about cross-dressing. The makeup, the brassieres, the garters, the whole deal is really work. You can never, ever understand fully what a woman’s life might be like until you step into her shoes. The whole thing makes you appreciate and respect women, what their lives are like, to a certain extent. The same thing goes for transvestites.
I know you can get plenty of tips from women about such stuff. How about tips from transvestites? I have even more respect [for them] now. I mean, transvestites have made a choice to do something: when you actually put yourself in drag, you realize it’s much more of a commitment than a choice. I mean, when you gotta tuck things away and hide things, it’s painful. It’s not comfortable. So, I have utmost respect for transvestites. I didn’t get any advice firsthand, but I did get some literature sent to me from Miss Vera’s Academy.
What’s that? It’s a school in New York that teaches boys how to be girls, basically. How to be transvestites, how to be cross-dressers. I thought about visiting, but I didn’t have the time.

How did you feel about dressing up in women’s clothes? It was a golden opportunity to romp around and have a good time, and get paid for it. I can’t say I felt totally comfortable physically, but psychologically it was fine. Many people feel a little nervous around transvestites, who are often seen as homosexual men dressed up as women. But Wood was clear that he loved dating women. He just enjoyed dressing like them as well.
What reaction did your “drag” look get? I’d be dressed up as Ed in a Fifties suit hanging out on the set, and then go off to get changed, and I’d come back painted up, with garters and fishnets. There’d be hollers and whistles from the grips and electricians. It was only to hide their discomfort. I could tell they didn’t want to look at me for too long …
How were the high heels? Wearing four or five-inch heels turned me into an absolutely massive woman. I thought I was the ugliest chick I’d ever seen.

Hi, I need ur help , I’m a college student, I live in a country that doesn’t allow me to work due to my nationality . I need money I want ideas about jobs I can do at home cause obviously I can’t travel. I looked up things and I know all about the online job do u have other thoughts? . I always say to myself if johnny did it , so can I . But he had more freedom then I as a person and I’m a girl u know how it works, I don’t know anyone to talk to but u , help please.

Hey! So the only ‘working from home’ suggestions I really have are from my own experience, which is doing social media work. I work for a company where everyone is remote (works from their home / own location). I don’t know what country you are in, but if you can’t work for a company like that, you can try freelance writing or social media work. I’m assuming because you’re on here sending me this message that you are able to be on social media in your country. You could look for local businesses to start with, or friends and families with their own businesses and brands, and explain how having a strong social media presence will help their brand/company grow. Then you can eventually possibly start your own business!

Not sure if that was what you were looking for, but I hope it helps!

So I don’t have a tumblr account, but I am a long time creeper of your page (love it, love you, thank you for being such an amazing space to come to and catch up on all things related to Mr. Cupcake Cute Face). That being said, I SAW AMBER HEARD AT BRUNCH YESTERDAY AND IVE GOT TEA TO SPILL! I was grabbing a bite to eat with my boyfriend and was really feeling my look (light wash mom jeans, mules, and my Johnny Depp cry baby tee shirt that’s hella cute) anyways, I’m eating my food, very chill…

cont… and my boyfriend goes, this girl behind you is giving you serious stink eye. Like she keeps glaring at the back of your head. And so I’m kind of thrown off because 1. the place is pretty packed and I’m just eating food being veryyyyy unoffensive, and 2. I’m like really nice (not to toot my own horn), and always try to be kind to others – so I’m just like ??????? over a random person starring me down because I know there’s no reason for anything to warrant a reaction like that. So I turn around to see who it is, and end up making direct eye contact with this girl, and my first thought is she looks so familiar who is she? So I turn back around and start wondering if I went to like high school with her, or college, but she looks older than me, so then I start thinking maybe I met her at work because my job is very “people” oriented, and nothing comes to mind, and then my boyfriend goes, dude, isn’t that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife AND I LITERALLY WAS LIKE WOW YES IT IS. AND I AM LITERALLY WEARING A JOHNNY DEPP SHIRT. So basically, she was starring me down for wearing a freaking Forever 21 tee – which is beyond petty & immature. I was half expecting someone to come up and say something, because they were being pretty obvious with their “judgment” but I was like not here for it and didn’t engage because she’s not worth it at all. It was just very weird and unexpected. And I hate that she’s really good looking cause I wish her face was as ugly as her soul.


I love love love that you didn’t recognize her, which probably would have shown on your face when you turned around to look at her, and the fact that you straight up just ignored her

as a narcissist, that would have INFURIATED HER beyond anything you could have said or done. 

this is such a great story, thank you for sharing it with us!!

1. Johnny with kids BE STILL MY HEART! and 2. (Watch this be a super obvious answer) Are we aware of how this lady knows him? She’s posted up a pic of her kids with him at his house previously, and I’m just sitting here like how do I become friends with Johnny Depp bcause I think we’d make great friends lol

If it’s the same woman who posted the other pic of the two kids at his house, then I believeeeee she said her ex/father of the children is ‘in the music biz’ and is friends with him. which could be liiiiiiterally anyone lolol

I have just seen a movie called devils knot , and my god the people can be so …. After that I read the case of WM killers , all I concluded from that is people trying to put a blame on someone whether is true or false, and they really don’t care about the people who are being accused of something they didn’t do. My heart goes out to those children and their families, and I really hope they find the real killer.

I hope they do to, man.

And I would suggest watching the Paradise Lost documentaries, they’re really much better/more informative that Devil’s Knot, which skated over a lot of stuff. But yes, it’s truly truly horrible.

If anyone’s interested, The Guardian published a piece yesterday catching up with Lorri and Damien’s life: