Is seems for me that we’ll get a lot of promo material during the next few years or so! I hope Johnny won’t get tired of all that business.

I’m sure he’ll be okay! And i for one can’t WAIT for promo stuff!!! and tour!!!!

from what I remember reading Johnny and Vanessa broke up because he wanted to get married and she didn’t.

LOL well that’s a new one i actually hadn’t heard before!

it’s not true. tabloids making stuff up because J&V had the audacity to not make explanations or drag anyone down in public so they had to make up their own reasons

I guess it’s a well-known fact for the fandom that Johnny looked really bad during his and AH relationship… but you know what? He also had those times when we was absolutely awesome (and the era of 2013-2014’s Johnny is still one of my favourites). so what do you think? Why were his looks so different back then?

It seems to be in the time after they got engaged, that he started to physically decline. I guess after she’d secured that, she started working on tearing him down. 

Honestly, I’m so freaking ready for Johnny to find a woman who loves him just as he is, who embraces his shyness, his dorky side, his flaws, his BEING HIM and doesn’t try to manipulate him or anything. After all the shit that happened in these years, after all he went through and endured, I just want him to be disgustingly happy and loved by someone who actually respects him, he deserves so much.

Well honestly, I believe he had that in most of his relationships, just not his most recent. But I’d love for him to find that again, yes 🙂

I just made a small contribution to the Johnny Depp Christmas Project. This makes me so happy because I really believe it will please him. Thank you for coming up with the idea and doing all the work! Merry Christmas

Ahhhh thank you so much angel!! Happy to do this and happy all of you are such great humans!