Ok so I’m just going to spew out my thoughts on 21 Jump Street (this is the same anon from the Hulu ask) because I just finished season 1 – THIS SHOW WAS SERIOUSLY AHEAD OF ITS TIME! It had POC as leads in the show, it tackled sensitive issues that should probably be discussed today, and it had a strong ass female lead too! The films didn’t really highlight the seriousness and ingenuity of the show IMO – on that note, would you happen to know where/if Johnny has ever spoken about the series?

cont.. And a follow up: The last time I watched this was about 10 yrs ago? I want to say I was around 13/14, and I know I have grown and changed a lot since then, but to watch this again at 24, the same age as Johnny was when he was filming the series, is HILARIOUS. It’s crazy how the world sets different plans in motion for different people! I could never do what he’s done, and I don’t think he could do what I do, and IDK why that’s blowing my mind but it is. Ok, that’s all! Swear I’m not high LOL

I know you said your moving buuutttt, 21 Jump Street anon here to report that Johnny’s hair was actually a magical creature in the late 80s like holy shit I just want to run my fingers through it (also his face and those cheekbones like lord help me I wish I was around during that time!). Also 99% sure that half the things Johnny wore on that show he still owns/regularly wears. LOL

I’m glad you love it so much!! lol honestly i love it too like it’s my guilty pleasure. 80s tv shows are EVERYTHING MAN. And you’re honestly right! Three of the five leads were literally POC! Crazy to think of that man, that’s like not a thing even now!

I hope this doesn’t burst your 21JS high lol buuuuut yes, he has spoken about the series and…. not in a great way lol. Most of what he’s said has been around the image of himself that appeared during and after the show. He hated being a ‘teen heartthrob.’ He also said he didn’t like that the show kept him ‘in a box’ creatively, because he was playing one (i think in his opinion, rather bland) character for like 5 years on end. (According to Jonah Hill, Johnny said he’d only do the movie cameo if they killed his character lmfao) I believe he once said, in answer to if he’d ever do another TV show: ‘I’d rather chew a hole to the centre of the Earth with my tongue.’ Sooooo….. 😉 And then I think he’s spoken about the content of the show, and it’s no surprise he wasn’t that into it lol he’s never been BFFs with law enforcement and, I forget what word he used to describe it and I can’t find the quote, but he hated the idea of NARCs lol.

Anyways, here’s some videos:

But don’t let this deter you!!!! 21JS is honestly a national treasure.