Johnny Depp being a beautiful soul for over 20 years


“After scenes in which Gilbert was cruel to his mother, he [Johnny] would call Cates at her hotel at night to apologize for having to say the words. “I thought it was so funny,” says Cates. “Here he is the professional; he’s done all this stuff before. But I thought, ‘What a tribute to his kindness that he would take the time to consider that I might be hurt by what he said.’”
 – Darlene Cates on What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, 1993

“I can say after my part was done he [Johnny] came over and gave me a big hug and he was apologetic because he didn’t really mean what he had to say towards me in the movie.”
 – an extra on Black Mass, 2014

chocolatecomputerheart: The Prince of my Heart Walked into my…


The Prince of my Heart

Walked into my heart as a gentleman
But he holds a place in several girls’ heart
He is not the one to mess up with nor one to fan followed
He is the one to stand for me when world turns against me
His playful works makes me forget my worries
He ensures me to live my present with merry
The life without him is like soul less person in the grave