Sleepless nights on Murder on the Orient Express


GWYNETH PALTROW: I am so excited for Murder on the Orient Express. I was an Agatha Christie obsessive when I was a teenager.

PENELOPE CRUZ: I love Kenneth Branagh and everybody in this cast. Kenneth called me and said, “I’m thinking about you to play Pilar. Would you like to do this?” I said yes. The 13 of us together on that train, it was incredible.

PALTROW: Were you really on a train?

CRUZ: Even though it was fake, we really felt like we were traveling. Everywhere I looked, I was like, “There’s Judi Dench! And Michelle Pfeiffer! And this one! And that one!” I taught all of them to play Werewolves and Villagers. I would set up a time and place for us all to play, but then I wouldn’t go. And then the next day, everyone would come up to me and say, “It’s your fault we didn’t sleep. We played for seven hours.” It was the perfect game for this cast because it’s all about lying and manipulating.

PALTROW: How does it work when you go on location? Does the whole family come with you?

CRUZ: Yes. We try to take turns when it comes to working, except, of course, when we’re in the same movie, like with Loving Pablo.

Interview with Penelope Cruz,, Oct 9 2017