Johnny Depp X Fukuyama Masaharu


I was browsing through 雅集 -elegantias- Talking FM translations and although I intend to slowly translate and time everything, but I couldn’t help translating this in advance. This was broadcast on 3 June 2017, about the Asahi CF Masha filmed with Johnny Depp.

Masha: In the advertisement, he told me, “big respect brother” (t/n: at the end of the CF, when they shook hands). When he said that, I felt so shy. Johnny-san is a very good person! Between takes, we did talk a little. I really can’t speak English, but Johnny-san still came over to talk to me. We both like guitars, and Johnny-san brought his own guitar that day. It’s an original Duesenberg, a German brand…We talked about his guitar. I recorded the entire song and sent it to Johnny-san for him to practise the beginning. Before work started, he wanted to see me once. He called me over to the camper and asked, “Am I playing correctly? Please check this.” That was how I met him for the first time. Because we both like guitars, it was easy to work with him.

I received Hollywood Vampires (Johnny, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Alice Cooper) guitar picks, so I sent him a Daikanshasai guitar pick too. I wanted to send him a Daikanshasai guitar scratch guard too. There’s a Hollywood actor with you guys, BROS! There’s a BROS in Hollywood, and he owns BROS goods in his house now. So, Johnny-san is part of BROS. too! He said “big respect brother”, I guess this is “big respect BROS”! I’ll send the fanclub newsletter to Johnny too, so that Johnny can watch BROS. TV anytime.