I’ve seen some websites and social media posts saying about the recent Johnny Depp’s…

I’ve seen some websites and social media posts saying about the recent Johnny Depp’s appearance, like: “He’s old” “He’s ugly” “Wow, he’s sick” “That awful hair”… Damn, where do these people live? Have they found the youth pill?? What’s behind the needing of always look young? 

We have to understand that age is coming FOR EVERYONE, whether for a character or not. Have you forgotten how much this guy is dedicated? Lose weight, gain weight, cut hair, let it grow, paint, put extensions, grow a mustache, shave the eyebrows… If it’s need, he will do it. And with that, with so much work and dedication, comes the tiredness that influences the person’s visual. For me in the last few photos in London, he appears to be tired (and I believe that that damn cigarette also influences the appearance) and also the makeup helps at certain moments. Soon the filming for Gellert Grindelwald will start and the hair will already be different, so as his face, and when we compare with these recent photos, we’ll observe how the face will be different… Anyway, he will make every work the best possible, dedicating itself as always. Being well, working, healthy and happy, is what matters.

For me it remains the same, more mature and beautiful. With that look that conquers me every day. And we, fans who TRULY admire and respect, will always be with you, dear Johnny Depp, with pride.

[**TL;DR = I decided to make a post about Johnny’s recent looks and how some people do not accept he becoming old throughout the years (This is not a problem for me)]