Hi — sorry if you’ve talked about this before but I recently fell back into Sparrabeth because of re-watching the original 3 after years of healing(lol). I used to think “It would’ve never have worked between us” was a cute nod to the first movie, but now it feels a lot like their way of saying “I love you”. Elizabeth knew she might not see him again so she wanted him to know whatever it was – was mutual.

Love that take!!

When you met Johnny in the flesh (and, dear Lord, what flesh), did you think he looked different at all from the way he looks in films or in the million photos you had seen of him? Was his appearance what you were expecting?

Honestly he didn’t look that much different to me! I can’t reaaaally remember all the details like that because all of my senses were kind of overwhelmed and it was such a short space of time hahah

but i’ll pay more attention when i go see him in concert next month 😉